Friday, 30 May 2014

Misty Mukherjee actress sex racket was found in the house, used to make models of blue film

Bollywood in Mumbai, IAS ( Best GM ) during house raids of blue film CDs quarter of a million have been recovered . Snsikej into the matter revealed that a sex racket was operating in the flat . The most significant and surprising thing is that this racket was being run by none other than Bollywood actress Misty Mukherjee . Yes , the police raided simultaneously Seedio misty conditions he found objectionable . Perhaps the IAS , home of the staircase of blue film actress of the consignment and the sex scandal will conduct did not understand the case . Then come back to tell you about the developments . Best of the GM OP Gupta Oshivra 502 number located in Mira tower wing is flat . The flat OP Gupta, Chandrakant Mukherjee has a rental Rs 80,000 per month . Mukherjee , Gupta was staying in the house for the past 9 years . Last night , police raided Muksbir information and transaction illegal porn busted staircase . When the police raided the house at the time Chandrakant Misty Mukherjee Mukherjee's daughter and Bollywood Actress ( 35 years) in a room with her ​​boyfriend Rakesh Rewaghat situation was catastrophic . Lets show you that 35 -year-old Misty Mukherjee launched his film career came in 2012 film " Life has to look no further than" was . Misty 's boyfriend is a resident of Delhi Rakesh Rewaghat . He is presenting fashion designer . Was reported to the police, who noted that he was on the sex racket . If staircase raid resulted in seizures . Misty detained by police while he and his mother and brother Samrt Mukherjee Mukherjee 's father Chandrakant arrested . Oshiwara police station senior inspector Nasir Khan said that he and Misty were detained while his mother and brother Chandrakant Samrt father has been arrested . We flat Porn CDs , laptops , hard disks and CD writers were recovered . Police suspect that a sex worker is a complete family of Misty Mukherjee . Use the flat blue of models was to make films . During interrogation he told family members that he had bought sex from south CDs . Copy and sold them in different parts of Mumbai and Thane . Misty 's brother was questioned when he dismissed charges of running a sex racket . She said that I am a patient of diabetes . I have no interest in sex activities . The doctor declared me Npusnk . I bought the CD to sex . Rakesh Kataria but my sister's boyfriend 's cousin .

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